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Divorces can be messy, and there's no reason for your situation with your Divorce Attorney or Family Law Lawyer to make things messier. At our law firm, we take pride in the fact that Attorney Philpott is a different kind of Divorce Lawyer; one that Deltona residents can count on, knowing they will be met with the patience, dedication, and personalized attention their divorce or child custody case deserves.

Our Divorce Lawyers proudly defend and serve residents of Deltona, DeLand, Orange City, Daytona Beach, Sanford, and neighboring Volusia County.

The Right Ingredients for the Right Divorce Attorney in Deltona

As a Criminal Attorney and Family Law Lawyer, Danny Philpott has the perfect balance of caring discernment and aggressive representation that is needed in a divorce proceeding – no matter how peaceful, congenial, contentious, or malicious the situation may be between the spouses. 

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Divorce happens. You shouldn't be ashamed, scared, or angry to be facing one: in fact, think of the freedom and peace-of-mind you will have when this rocky situation is resolved. Many divorces, however, do involve complicated situations like family-owned businesses, child custody arrangements and substantial assets such as 401(k)s.

The outcome of how these items are handled, as well as the overall results of your divorce, can depend on who you have on your side, or who you have to count on, to come to your aid as you work to settle things in your favor (or at least in a manner that's fair to all parties involved).

The Power of a Local Divorce & Family Law Firm

A big firm can't give you the attention and dedication you need and deserve during a dissolution of marriage. Count on the direct, personalized counsel you'll receive from the Divorce Lawyers at Philpott Law. Right now, your happiness and wellbeing depends on it.