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Criminal Defense, Family Law & Divorce Representation in Deltona

At Phillpott Law, we dedicate our legal services to solving problems and providing peace of mind to our clients. Our firm specializes in Criminal Defense, Family Law, and Divorce proceedings––bringing dedication, experience, and the necessary aggressive litigation needed in situations where the lives, happiness and wellbeing of individuals is greatly at risk.

When you need a Criminal Defense Attorney, or a Family Law and Divorce Lawyer in Deltona, DeLand, Orange City, Daytona Beach or other surrounding Volusia County areas, you can put your trust in Danny Philpott.

Deltona Criminal Defense Attorney

When you or a loved one is faced with criminal charges in Deltona or surrounding areas in Volusia County, it's important to hire a Criminal Defense Attorney that knows your rights.

Abuse of the justice system is present in Florida's courtrooms, and those charged with a crime need the defense of an attorney that's dedicated, aggressive, and well-versed in the many ins and outs of the legal system on both a state and federal level.

Family Law & Divorce Lawyer Serving Deltona Families

Issues of Family Law and Divorce are incredibly stressful and hard on all individuals involved. With the right Family Law and Divorce Lawyer, you can alleviate much of the headache and worry caused by a divorce, child custody, or an additional rift or concern involving your marriage, children or family circle.

Attorney Danny Phillpott is experienced and dedicated to marital and family law, handling divorce cases and other legal hurdles with thoughtful, effective answers and methods for implementing restorative, positive outcomes and solutions to family and marital problems.

With an exceptional record of service, commitment and experience, the Phillpott Law Firm is the right choice for those contemplating hiring a Divorce or Family Law Lawyer in Deltona.

Contact Phillpott Law for a lawyer that will work fervently to solve your legal problems in Deltona, FL and the surrounding areas in Volusia County.